Trading Gold With Binary Options

Precious metals are hot commodities right now. Even with the pullbacks we have seen in gold prices in 2012, the precious metal has never been more on investors minds than it is right now. It is for that reason that trading gold with binary options is so popular.

You can trade gold at some binary options brokers including: 24option, Banc De Binary and Traderush. You can not trade gold at AnyOption as they only offer stocks.

Remember, if you take a trade for gold to go up then you are not actually buying real gold. You never take even paper ownership of the underlying asset. Instead you are simply making a prediction on which way the underlying asset, in this case gold, is going to move.

This is a very important piece of the binary options puzzle to understand. You are not buying and selling the underlying asset like you would if you purchase a more traditional option or even purchase stock options. Instead, you are only placing ‘bet’ on which way the price of the asset is going to move.

Binary options can close in as little as 20 seconds. 24option has 30 minute expiry times for popular commodities like gold, oil etc.

If you feel the general market sentiment on gold is that the price is going to go down, then a ‘put’ is the correct trade. If however you feel bullish on gold and think that it is going to rise in price then a call is your option. This is assuming you are trading up down options and not something like touch or no touch, tunnel, range options.

If you want to take advantage of the volatility of gold then trading gold binaries is a great choice. You can make small investments in each trade and you know your exact risk and return before executing the order. It is a known risk and known return type of trade which lets you calculate your ROI and manage your bankroll. Take a look through the legit binary options brokers (see this resource: and pick one of the brokers to set up your account with.

Good luck trading gold with binary options!

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