Is Banc De Binary a Scam? a scam?Out of all the binary options brokers out there, Banc De Binary is probably one of the best. It’s easy to see this just from visiting the website and taking a look around, though there are always going to be the persistent accusations that “Banc De Binary is a scam“??. These accusations come from people who think that binary options is a scam altogether (a common misunderstanding, resulting from the fact that many people who trade binary options are gamblers), or from people who lost money with Banc De Binary and chose to blame their broker rather than acknowledge their own errors.

High Risk Venture In Binary Options Trading

bancdebinary-banner-canada-300Binary options trading is a high risk venture which entails a fair amount of likelihood that you’re going to lose all your money. This is the case with any form of investment. Most people who approach any form of trading are going to blow their accounts, plain and simple. This is because it takes a great deal of knowledge, research and testing, not to mention self discipline and money management, in order to profit consistently and reliably from any financial market. That applies to binary options too. If you lose money, it’s probably because your method was unreliable or nonexistent, or because you didn’t apply it effectively—not because your broker screwed you over. At least that’s the case if you choose a reputable broker like Banc De Binary.

Awards And Daily Reviews For

Banc De Binary has won a number of awards including World Finance 100 placement, World Finance Best Binary Options Platform in North America and Asia, 5 Star Customer Service, and more. The company is regulated in Cyprus and in Israel, and is very forthcoming about providing information about its operations. On the site you’ll find a number of basic educational resources, and the company seems to be busy compiling more advanced articles. You can also listen to BDB Radio and check out daily reviews and schedules to help you with your trading.

Banc De Binary Offers A Demo Account

One of the features of Banc De Binary which impresses us the most is the demo account. In order to demo test with Banc De Binary, you do need to deposit $500. BDB states specifically on their site that the money is still yours and that you may withdraw it at any time. Once you’ve deposited, you can start demo testing on the company’s platform using virtual currency. This is an excellent way to learn the ropes so that you don’t make mistakes when you go live. It’s also an essential step in designing a working trading method. You need to test a trading method live in order to understand how you’re going to incorporate it into your real life. Trading takes time and attention. Plus, you need to make sure that your method works with current market conditions and doesn’t require further adjustment.
Banc De Binary doesn’t list a time limit for demo testing. Not a lot of binary options brokers even offer demo testing. The fact that this one does demonstrates that they are interested in promoting responsible trading and are looking for long term customers. They aren’t just out there to take advantage of gullible gamblers who are going to blow their bankrolls overnight. That’s why BDB is well worth your consideration if you’re thinking of trading binary options.

Banc De Binary Review

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Banc de Binary Quick Guide
  • iPhone & Android Apps Free
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • High Payouts On Commodities
  • SpotOption Trading Platform

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  • Best Live Customer Support
  • $250 Minimum Deposit
  • 85%+ Payouts
  • CA Traders Accepted

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